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Our goal at 3tech performance is to supply reasonably priced, high quality performance parts, primarily for the Suzuki sporty subcompacts encompassing the Suzuki Swift, Geo Metro, Chevrolet Sprint, Pontiac Firefly and Holden Barina.

At present, our web site is still under construction. At this point you will find information regarding our current line of parts, as well as our planned lineup of future performance parts. The emphasis of our business is on supplying the budget minded Suzuki enthusiast with the kind of quality bolt-on performance parts that are not typically available for their car.

You can contact us by email at Our phone number is available by request, but as we are a small company, please be patient when calling. We could be either on the road, or in the shop. Messages and emails are checked regularly, and responses are ussually made promptly.

If you are not familiar with us and this is your first contact, We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are.

Head Bolts
High performance replacement head bolts.
The stock torque to yeild bolts are supposed to be replaced everytime they
are removed. These bolts, and plated, and hardened heavy duty washers may
be used successfully over, and over without breakage, or stretch.

These bolts feature
-forged heads
-190,000psi tensile strength
-High HRC hardness
-Rolled threads

These are the type of bolts professional engine builders use, and for now,
I can offer them cheaper than stock replacement.
An excellent value for your 89-up 3cyl.
$30/set of 8 bolts, and washers.
Premium quality 1pc. stainless steel exhaust valves. 89-up turbo/non-turbo 3cyl. Swirl polished $16ea. Black nitrided $12ea. Plain $9ea
Intake valves Plain non-SS $6ea. Valve guides Bronze/manganese$4ea.

Camshafts; in Performance, Turbo, and Economy grinds
1.0l G10 3cyl Mk1 (1986-1988)
1.0l G10 3cyl Mk2+ (1989+)
1.3l/1.6 G13/G16 8V SOHC 4cyl (up to 1994)
1.3/1.6 G13/G16 16V SOHC 4cyl
1.3 G13B DOHC 4cyl
more details here & 3 cyl reviews & dohc gti reviews

Advanced Timing sprockets +6, +8, +10
1.0L 85-95, sometimes to 2001, based on core availablity.
US$25 + shipping
more details here & reviews (additional follow up)

Head packages for all models
Done on an exchange basis.
min. 2-3 week delivery.

Performance head package, 89-up 3cyl.

Performance/economy head packages, 89-up 3cyl. In the head package, you get a completely rebuilt, ported and polished head, machined for high compression. It includes a high performance cam of your choice. During rebuild, the stock cast iron valve guides are replaced with high performance bronze manganese guides, and new viton seals are installed. The valve seats are ground to 45 degrees, and the valves are ground on three angles, and polished for increased flow. The valve grind is an excellent compromise of performance and longevity. All valves are hand lapped during final assembly. The head mating surface is machined for high compression, 9.5-1 to 10.5-1, or higher by special request. Intake and exhaust ports, and bowls are ported, with the greater emphasis being on the exhaust side, for increased exhaust flow. The hydraulic lifters are removed, disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and re-assembled. Any defective/worn lifters are replaced. In the economy head package, the performance cam is replaced with the econo cam, and intake porting is minimized.

With the head package, you get a proven 3tech performance cam of your choice.
The price, in USD is, $395/exchange + shipping (typically $25-$30 within Canada/US)
As well, you can send your head for custom modification.
Optionally, 1 piece polished stainless steel exhaust valves are available at $50/set.
Further customization is always welcome! more details here & reviews

Economy package testing..

With all orders, please check for core availability

Stay tuned for our various Suzuki project cars, featuring

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