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 Post subject: random 2 am idea
PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:30 am 

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ive been thinking about a rear wheel drive geo (crazy, but has been done before)
anyways, had this idea. (its long, and its crazy, so keep that in mind, probly never happen)

IRS style in the back like the 280z, diff in the middle, with arms hinged along the center axis of the car. but instead of coilovers, have a hinged right angle to transfer motion 90 degrees and angeled towards the rear end of the car. attach a coilover to this, so the coil over is pointing sideways and slightly to the back. same thing with the other side, but that coilover is pointing more to the back. then attach both ends to an arm, and hinge it in the center.

so the idea is this:
in a left hand turn, the body rolls right. the right wheel goes up relitive to the car. the motion is tranfered up, to the right angle and then transfed to the coilover. now the coilover just slows thing down, the energy of the car rolling right is is tranfered, pushing the right wheel linkages, witch in turn pulls the left wheel linkages. the coil over on the left side is pulled in, and the left wheel is pulled up, so in a left hand turn the end result is the suspention fighting the body roll.

this is were i get a little fuzzy.
i think you can control toe in with a rod linking the wheel i front of the axle, to the arm supporting the wheel. as the wheel goes up, towards the car, you would change the caster of the rear wheels, the top would go outwards (is this bad) and as the wheel went down, away from the car the caster at the top would go in.

the over all caster angle i belive could be set by the ratio of the right arm length that tranfers motion to the side, but im not sure of that. the reason for the caster change is as the wheel moves up and down, the arc of movement says the wheel moves inwards as it goes upwards. but as the vertical linkage does not move inward, the angle changes. tho if you give the right angle that tranfers motion some movement, it might help limit this.

i will try to get a drawing up later. i want to record this somewhere. ive always wanted a RWD metro.

has this been done before? im pretty sure it has. tho i dont know that.

any comments, aside from in crazy and it will never happen (that is a given, tho you never know...)?

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