Can I bleed one circuit at a time?
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Author:  marsbar [ Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Can I bleed one circuit at a time?

I have just bought a new master cylinder.

First I am going to bleed it on a bench in a vice, 3 hoses from cylinder to top of master reservoir.

One chamber has 2 exits.

One chamber has 1 exits.

In other words, I have 2 circuits.

Now the question is, can I want 1 circuit (one chamber) at a time while presing the pedal, or do I need to have 2 circuits open when venting it?

In my head, having only one open the other one will block the operation, maybe causing damage? :huh:

I plan on using the one man method, open the venting on the caliper with some grease around it, then hose down into a jar.

I was going to use the up the road workshop, but they have gone on a holiday and have a waiting list when they get back :(

And dangers in doing this myself? I am waiting for a new master cylinder, have new front calipers L and R.

Also 4 new braking hoses in front. (Car has 2 hoses to each caliper, safety issue!)

Any hints appreciated, looks easy on YouTube though!

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