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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:47 pm 

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hey guys, ive seen your forum in the past and finally decided to join. got a few questions for those of you who know the 87 sprint turbo. im interested in some aftermarket bodykits and have a question about the cooling issues i had with my turbo. is it just me or does the factory fan come on too late? i watch the temperature pass 200 before the fan turns on. i installed a 180 thermostat but the fan continually came on late. i noticed while i had my head off that the intake manifold has fewer water holes than the gasket and the head. i thought to my self that someone might have changed the intake manifold from a regular sprint but i could not find another turbo sprint to verify. i guess the turbo head has a different coolant holes than the intake manifold and they never made a specific intake manifold to match the turbo head. i think thats why my fan temp sensor takes so long to come on because the water does not circulate as well as it should...finally i hooked up the factory fan to an after market temperature switch that i set myself to 180. the hottest my turbo ever gets is 190 . i also hooked up another aftermarket fan, toggle switch, and water temp gauge in case the factory fan is not enough in extreme heat. i guess what i want to know if anybody else noticed the same issues with the turbo's intake manifold gaskets' coolant holes not matching up with the intake manifold. and if there is one out there, where can i buy it and can you show me some pics. of the hole pattern. thanks alot. by the way, i have 3 suzukis that i restored... 87 chevy sprint turbo, 94 geo metro, 94 suzuki sidekick 1.6L.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:33 pm 
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Forget about Aftermarket Body Kit, Since it's already Hard to Find OEM Part's for those model.. Aftermarket is more Rare.. ! For your Cooling Issue, Check on the Forum and Ask to 1987SprintTurbo I Think he Could Answer that Question, I know only Mk2 Turbo Engine and You can't Install Intake Manifold from a N/A to a Turbo since one is Carburated with 1 Injector and the Other is Fuel Injected you can't compare Apple and Orange even if it's in the same family.. !


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:22 pm 
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The very important sensor ECT - engine coolant is a temperature controlled resistor. I think yours could be measuring out of spec. Reason being is the PCM uses this sensor to decide when to turn the cooling fan on and off. Go ahead and find the factory manual download on here, see if you can find the temperature/resistance chart and then measure it against what you have. If it's out of spec, trash it and change it out.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:21 pm 
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there can actually be 3 temperature sensors on these cars. the ect is, indeed, a thermistor and on the turbo3 it will be located on the intake manifold. it has a two pin connector. the actual ect sends it's signal to the ecu and has no direct electrical connection to chassis ground or the engine's block. it uses a dedicated supply from the ecu and the signal returns to an electronic circuit on the main board. always take care not to short either wire for the ect to chassis ground or the engine block or it will damage the ecu.

there's another dedicated temp sensor on the water neck (on my mk2 turbo3 anyway) that operates the dash gauge. that sensor has a single sta-con type spade lug on it with the small thread bore on the body of the sensor completing the ground path through the block (so go easy on the sealant or pipe tape.)

then, there's a separate thermal switch that runs the radiator fan. that one just switches off and on at a set temp so it's not a thermistor type. the temp switch for the fan uses a bi-metallic switch, purely mechanical, with no connection to the ecu. it usually switches a relay which is rated to pass higher current for the fan's motor. the fan switch has a 2 pin connector on it.

some cars have a 4th temperature sender that is a part of the air conditioning.

on a similar note, the intake air temperature sensor, iat, on turbo3 cars is incorporated into the vaf. it's an open bead type thermistor that is placed in the path of induction air moving past the actuator vane.

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