Teamswift "Where are you?" WORLD map..
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Author:  Daley [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Teamswift "Where are you?" WORLD map..

Take a look and enter your info (you don't have to sign up) to see where everyone else is!
new link

-- edit --
if you don't see your country, zoom out, this is a WHOLE WORLD map

Author:  cticknor666 [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:23 pm ]
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Pretty cool.

Author:  GeoZukiGTi [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:33 pm ]
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Awesome man. Hopefully this catches on. Then we can all gang up on Hitempguy and raid his collection of T3's :lol:

Author:  Mayabin [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:37 pm ]
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That's really neat. I hope more Swifts show up in my area.

Author:  t3 ragtop [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:40 pm ]
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where are your pics? that's a nice feature.

Author:  Casey [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:49 pm ]
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i didn't notice it until i hit enter alreayd :(

Author:  Mayabin [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:53 pm ]
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You can go back and add a picture. I did the same thing.

Author:  allmtrswft [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:58 pm ]
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It doubled my quote :( I cant erase it!

Author:  Mayabin [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:59 pm ]
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Same thing happened to me. :lol:

Author:  tuffcarguy [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:00 am ]
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it shows me as homeless on the satellite pic!! :lol:

Author:  Casey [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:03 am ]
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lol i doubled mine too :(

Author:  Daley [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:05 am ]
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I'm going to see if I can remove the double "Shoutouts".

Author:  turbo2475 [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:16 am ]
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That is cool! I had to use a city just 5 minutes south of me as it didn't have the one I live in on file. They might as well be the same city though.

Author:  CMA [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:20 am ]
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:shock: very nice feature.

Author:  Casey [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:30 am ]
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jus delete us and we'll repost ;O

Author:  Daley [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:32 am ]
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PM me if you want me to do that (what Casey said).

Author:  Gasoline Fumes [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:21 am ]
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Anybody get this to work on a Mac? I don't see the map.

Author:  ellpee [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:51 am ]
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A little constrained "geographically".... :roll:

Author:  Daley [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:17 am ]
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^ You can zoom out a lot further, but I'm not sure of the options of entering other worldwide locations. By no means was I trying to exclude anyone if it doesn't work.

And about the mac, it won't work.

Author:  vela [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 7:01 am ]
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Can you do that for europe also?

Author:  nosswiftgt [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:15 am ]
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If you just scroll the map around, it's really a map of the whole world, just try typing your city in.

Author:  92GT [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:58 am ]
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This seems great. Makes it easy to see if someone is near. Everyone should be on it. Also someone should make it part of the memberlist section as a look up function option.

Author:  db [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 9:27 am ]
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I agree.. maybe a sticky in the regional section?


Author:  t3 ragtop [ Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:03 pm ]
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ellpee wrote:
A little constrained "geographically".... :roll:


i can see all of oz and new zealand on the world view. there's no bubble for you there. log in and sign up! :D

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