road raceing Swift in Ontario,new to Suzuki
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Author:  darrenma [ Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  road raceing Swift in Ontario,new to Suzuki

Hi all,been around road racing for awhile with open wheel cars up here in Canada,but now getting into a full body car with a partner and our two sons.
Have acquired a 93? Swift that has already been preped and spent time on the track,but needs engine reassembled with thoughts of adding turbo at this time.
I have boxes of parts,I beam ARP equiped rods,race style pistons,dry sump system.
With what I believe is a G13B engine and not having any experience with Suzuki before,whats the best place to source engine build specs,ie bearing clearances,piston clearances,bore specs,etc.
I can and will add some info on what I have via pics and description.
The engine is not my biggest concern though, what I am wondering is about the trans, is the stock trans suitable for road racing a turbo inducted motor?There apparently is a L/S diff with a set of racing gears supplied,is the stock trans strong enough for a L/S diff?
This should be an interesting/fun build and am hoping for some valuable information from the forum to help us along,thanks in advance.
BTW, this car WILL be on the track this year,we are primed and preped to go forward.

P1070312.JPG [ 85.96 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070303.JPG [ 80.08 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070308.JPG [ 81.23 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070309.JPG [ 81.75 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070314.JPG [ 82.04 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070304.JPG [ 82.19 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070310.JPG [ 77.64 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070311.JPG [ 77.95 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070319.JPG [ 81.52 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070320.JPG [ 85.06 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070322.JPG [ 85.48 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]
P1070323.JPG [ 85.43 KIB | Viewed 1419 times ]

Author:  Dattman [ Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: road raceing Swift in Ontario,new to Suzuki

Thats funny, I have seen this post somewhere else :huh: :razz:

I answered your Q on redline but to summarize

It's the torque that breaks these gearboxes, remember they were designed the gearbox to mate with 55hp 3 cylinder and 70hp 4cyl engines.
They made the diff a little bigger for the 100hp twincam but everything else is pretty much the same, we call this family of gearboxes "small frame" as they have a 60mm centre line between the two shafts.

The other range of gearboxes is the Large frame which have a 70mm centre line, this means thicker shafts, bigger bearings, bigger teeth on the gears, these boxes all have a cable shifter and came on swift sedan, Aerios, sx4's etc, the general opinion is about 180hp max on the small frame box and roughly double that for the large frame box.

DMW on redlinegti is the guru of doing the conversion and can sell you a few small pieces to make the job easier and well as a billet flywheel, the stock flywheel for the large frame box is insanely heavy.
Suprf1y/3 tech/Mike on this forum can help you with cams.

I can't iterate enough the value of reading up before you ask questions, you'll get more help when it shows you're tried to research it first, granted some of the forums aren't always easy to find the answer but I guarantee what ever you're asking has been done before.

Keep those photo's coming, especially the dry sump setup :D

Author:  CAMI Man [ Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: road raceing Swift in Ontario,new to Suzuki

Looking forward to the progress of your project and more pictures :D

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