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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:56 pm 

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Hi guys, I've never done a radiator flush before and I was wondering if anyone could provide some step by step instructions for flushing my radiator for my '91 Geo Prizm. Thnx

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:05 am 
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Jack up the car.

Put the Heat to max.

Get a container of ten minute rad flush or the like.

Drain some out of the rad, there will be a drain cock at the bottom of the rad. Replace what was drained out with the rad flush, and de-ionized water or Aquafina.

Run the car for 10-15 minutes, step on the accelerator, and rev it up to about 3000rpm a few times, to pressure surge the system. Shut it off and let it cool down. Once it's cool enough for you to touch, open the drain cock all the way. Pour water down through the rad once it's finished draining, to help remove anything left behind.

Or just take it to a oil change place, and have them do it, since they can dispose of the old anti-freeze properly, and can pressure wash the inside of the system for you. I still reccomend just popping the rad cap and pouring in the 10 minute rad flush in this case.

Note: In Canada, Aquafina is reverse osmosis cleaned, so it's almost completely pure water, Dasani is "remineralized" and is worse for cooling systems than tap water. 8)

The Prizm is a Toyota and not a Suzuki, so you won't find much help here for it.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:46 pm 
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On most Toyota engines there will be a drain plug on the block to let you drain more coolant out. Look for it behind the exhaust manifold. This should reduce the time you spend flushing the block.

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