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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:16 pm 

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Hey guys going somebody might have some ideas

96 1.0 metro

I see the horror story that unfolded here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=53870&hilit=lurching&start=25

And wonder if the guy ever figured it out or if he junked the car as he quit writing without resolution a few years ago already

No matter about him.

The car Was running like a top until a few days ago lurched a little while driving in an apartment parking lot....

Nothing really to gripe about since until tonight

It has a full tank of gas. Would suspect the gas if I hadn't had a taste of trouble the other night. I'm certain the gas is fine

Started lurching/bogging hard and stalling out. Didn't matter what I did with gas pedal when it starts it's thing.

I cleaned the distributor rotor and pins, cleaned plugs checked wire connections etc.

Put timing light on it, taped to the window wiper and went for a drive. Continually stalling out but ignition continued to function all along. Died at the end of the block tried about a dozen times to re start with not a pop. Timing light on the window blinking right along

Pushed it home

Traded out fuel pump relay then decided to h3ll with it stuck a screwdriver in the relay socket and hot wired it to the battery. I can hear the fuel pump purring quite cheerfully in the back and can hear gas flowing through feed and bypass hoses at the fuel injector

At this point I actually did manage to get it to start but would not idle for cripe. Was producing fine power when on throttle. Briefly.
Had to reach in window push clutch with hand and crank to get out fast enough to grab throttle crank on injector before it died. First time it was spraying erratically, cutting out for brief spots then stopped spaying completely. Didn't matter if I went wide open it just went dry. Second try it won't even think about starting. Surprise....

What would crap out intermittently that would put the poop on the injector's party?

I guess I better check the throttle position sensor
Does this thing even have a MAF?

I assume the injector nozzle is not just crammed up or it would be spraying poorly but continue spraying

Oh. And during this there are no (0) trouble codes or check engine lights being thrown.

Or I could steal the progressive 2 barrel carb from my motorcycle that is giving ignition problems, carb spec'ed for for fiesta? Lol. Unfortunately all the choke and such is removed (and I don't want to further disable my motorcycle) lol

Anybody ever put a carb on one of these? Lol

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:42 am 
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first thing i would do is put a fuel pressure gauge on it. the pump might be "purring" but is it putting on the right/any pressure. if that's fine i would just find a new/reman/used injector and swap it out. so much easier then trying to put a carb on a computer controlled engine. the only other thing you can try before swapping injectors is a node light and make sure the injector is getting a pulse. i just used a 194 bulb for mine and watched it flash. if its flashing then its a bad injector.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:14 pm 
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I am not convinced the injector is bad per se..

An injector will either LEAK too much fuel or not work at all.

You could be getting OVERFUELED (a leaky injector) but you would see fuel dripping from it even when the engine is off until all the pressure in the fuel system bleeds down.

I think your problem is that your not getting enough fuel, probably from having a clogged fuel filter. That would cause low fuel pressure at the injector and would result in a lousy spray pattern and not enough fuel getting through to drive the engine.

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