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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:57 am 
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Location: Palm Springs: Too hot from June to Oct.!
The Winter Meet went off without a hitch.
-there was plenty of food
-there were plenty of car buffs
-there were some nice rides.
-emphasis (again) was on quality
It was nice to meet with people from 3 US States and generations, some traveling almost 1,000 miles (1600 Km).
Further in the thread, we'll post more pictures, I'm sure.
The SX4 club was represented, as well as Teamswift and even 'lurkers' arrived.
Some attendees:
Rob Hartmann
The youngsters seemed to enjoy a clean automobile environment, and were impressed with the tools.
We'll post still shots as well as a High Definition Video of one dyno run.
The meet ended on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean at sunset.

Here are a few more pictures:
a group assembled for a quick photo...
Not only was there a bit of fun and food, but
there was work to be graphed.
And here is a very proud Teamswift member showing the results of his dyno run:
that guy is like 7 feet tall...without reading the results!!!
(Note his car's windshield wipers are blocked off-where he lives, it rains so little, he can get away with it-honest!)
The dyno does AWD vehicles as well, so Ron got some numbers on his SX4 in AWD.
After meeting at
"Tha Shop" in Chatsworth (q.v.)
4 cars headed through a mountain course and stopped briefly at 'The Rock Store' (q.v.) a biker hang out
near Calabassas, California
eventually heading through some winding roads and ending in Malibu at Zuma State Beach (q.v.)
but it was Winter, and almost sunset; the afternoon wind had picked up, and we donned our jackets.
During the run, both a yellow Ferrari, and a green Lamborghini had some fun with our group (video to follow).
About 15 minutes before sunset we stopped on a bluff overlooking the calm coastline.
Then, after sunset
we headed back to the Interstate, and blended into traffic to find our separate ways home.

You can read the SX4 club thread here:

So after attending, I want to get my cars in better shape, for sure!

DIY Broken Bolt Removal: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=41042
DIY Clutch Adjustment: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=48281
DIY Wheel Bearings: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=29003
DIY Shocks: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=45483
DIY Wheel Align: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=42479
Once you get the cars dialed-in (compression, leaks, bearings, alignment, brakes) swap in new rubber and glass, you've got something which should last for years!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:54 pm 
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Well it was a small gathering but fun never the less . As Phil already indicated there was only five cars that pulled up to the Tha Shop parking lot . Rob Hartmann representing SX4 Club was already there when I pulled up after 7 hour commute from Phoenix . He is also organizer of our last Suzuki meet at North American Suzuki HQ in Brea last September . He is already working on the next meet at same location . Looks like this time we will have earnest Suzuki HQ support in organizing it unlike last time .
Of course our awesome host Eric ( AKA Chickenfeet ) was waiting for everyone to show up with dyno ready and plenty of food and refreshments . Some of us [ me : ) ] even got a ride and a test drive in his monster HP Nissan GT-R on the way to pick up a pizza for lunch . That is some fast ride . Vary impressive .
Phil was next to show up with his lovely wife Ruby in her Vert . They stopped at the exhaust shop on the way from Palm Springs that morning and had new muffler installed . Good thing they had a camera with them otherwise we would not have any pics of our time at Tha Shop . Everyone had too much fun to remember to pull out their cameras . Thanks Phil and Ruby for all the pics and videos .
On the way back from pizza shop we saw nice red Mk2 GTi cruising the street . We honked at him and pretty soon Guillermo joined us with his family . He is not a board member but saw my post and decided to drive down from Palmdale and check out all the hoopla . We are all glad he did and especially me since his car reminds me of my red GTi that's overseas . He has really clean car that's all stock and in really good condition .
Rog was last one to show up and all the way from Vegas . Got stuck in legendary LA traffic on I-5 but made it in one piece . His Mk3 is not in best running condition so I was surprised to hear how rough it was running . I would probably stay home if my car was running like that but he did not want to miss dyno time this time and since some new fancy parts are on their way he wanted baseline numbers before he installs them .
Tha Shop is definitely candy shop for a gear heads . There was a bunch of interesting parts Eric was gathering for his Mk1T3 project that I got to check out . Since he is a dealer for T-Rex a three wheeled ZX-14 powered rocket there was bunch of them around . One of the guys working in Tha Shop recently bought a Mazda GTX and was working on that . Few Evo's were around and Eric's Skyline .
First one on the dyno was Rob Hartmann SX4 . As far as I remember highest HP number was around 105 but I'll let him tell the story and post the dyno sheet . After some time waiting for Rog and just hanging and socializing we strapped my Mk1 GTi to the dyno to see what it can produce . High # for the day was 86 . I guess in the ball park for Mk1 , I expected few more HP since it has header , exhaust , K&N intake and mild port job on the head . I was really disappointed that my friend James could not bring his Mk1 T3 so we can compare the numbers . I still think my red T3 makes substantially more HP and TQ . Reason to come back soon ??
Around 3PM we formed a convoy and headed out for a drive on Mullholand , Rock Store and on to Malibu and Zuma beach for some sunset shots of our cars . It would off been nice to have some kind of local tour guide and maybe FRS or CB radios so we did not have to stop every time plan changed and talk to everyone . So yes , cruise to Malibu was little disorganized but overall I think everyone was really happy to hang out talk cars and enjoy beautiful California weather .
I hope we can make it even better next time .

File comment: Moon setting over California high desert
P1300112.JPG [ 606.42 KIB | Viewed 297 times ]
File comment: Guillermos sweet ride
10013005.jpg [74.34 KIB]
Downloaded 213 times
File comment: Van Yamer and his friend with Phil supporting the event
10013007.jpg [70.18 KIB]
Downloaded 213 times
File comment: And finally some hard numbers
Dyno sheet - Mk1 GTi.jpg
Dyno sheet - Mk1 GTi.jpg [ 276.84 KIB | Viewed 296 times ]
File comment: Rock Store parking lot
P1300124.JPG [ 664.6 KIB | Viewed 301 times ]
File comment: Phil checking the place out
P1300128.JPG [ 690.67 KIB | Viewed 299 times ]
File comment: Malibu sunset
P1300134.JPG [ 659.73 KIB | Viewed 296 times ]
File comment: Malibu sunset
P1300141.JPG [ 644.18 KIB | Viewed 297 times ]
File comment: Malibu sunset
P1300148.JPG [ 691.25 KIB | Viewed 297 times ]
File comment: Mountains North of LA
P1310149.JPG [ 646.55 KIB | Viewed 300 times ]
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:20 pm 

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Thanks to all they joined the te Socal meet @ Tha Shop!
I had a wonderful time I just wish I could have driven afterward with you guys :(
cant wait till the next meet :) maybe my Sprint will be running by then :roll:

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