Westchester-68th Annual Turkey Tour Rally-Sat. Nov 18th
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Author:  mcguirk [ Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  Westchester-68th Annual Turkey Tour Rally-Sat. Nov 18th

See last event:

I am a member of the Westchester Sports Car Club and we sponsor a few rallies during the year and I thought I would post the information on the various sports car forums I belong to. I think there may be some interest in a scenic drive through the upper Westchester area. These rallies are low pressure/fun competitions involving following directions and observing posted "rally signs" along the route. Generally you drive approximately at the posted speed limit and you are penalized for arriving at the finish early or late.

One word of warning, I was surprised to learn that there are still some public dirt roads in Westchester and they are sometimes included in WSCC rallies. I had no problem driving my sports car on these public roads but some people freak out if their shiny cars come anywhere near a dirt road. You decide if that matters to you, any street legal car is welcome.


Westchester Sports Car Club
68th Annual Turkey Tour Rally
Saturday, November 18th 2017

In a Road Rally, each team of two people--a driver and a navigator--is given a set of
route directions to follow, and the speeds at which they should travel the route.
The goal of a Road Rally is to travel the correct route at the correct speeds, and arrive at
“checkpoints” precisely on time. You are scored on how close to the correct time you
arrive. A Road Rally is not a race, and no rally will ever require you to drive in a
reckless or illegal fashion. Arriving too early at a checkpoint hurts your score, as does
arriving too late. To participate, you'll need to know the rules for understanding the
route instructions. Some basics will be discussed at the Driver’s Meeting and you are
encouraged to “study” the General Instructions that you’ll receive upon registration.

THE RALLY: Entrants should have a light for reading route instructions, a watch,
paper, pencil, a four function calculator and maybe a clipboard. NO AUXILIARY

THE START: will be at Grand Prix New York, 333 North Bedford Road (Rt 117), Mt.
Kisco, NY

THE FINISH: will be at Amore Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen 1 Kent Place, Armonk NY
(914) 273-3535

REGISTRATION: opens at 5 PM and continues to 6:30 PM. There will be a drivers’
meeting at approximately 6:30 PM. Cars will be sent off at 7:00 + the car number in
minutes (i.e. Car 35 leaves at 7:00 + 35 minutes or 7:35). Entry fee is $20.00 ($15.00 for
WSCC members) per car.

TROPHIES: awarded to top 10%. A WSCC Credit Certificate (good for free entry at any
WSCC event) may be chosen in place of a traditional trophy. Dash Plaques will be given
to all entrants.

For more information visit our internet address: HTTP://WWW.WSCC.ORG

Author:  Teeth [ Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Westchester-68th Annual Turkey Tour Rally-Sat. Nov 18th

Thank you for posting these events!

I live a bit too far away, but I did a road rally with my family in Alaska while we were there on vacation. The Chevy Aveo rental had what amounted to a built-in time-speed-distance computer which was helpful.

No shit, there we were. I was still in the middle of cleaning up a three alarm diaper-buster when everybody starts heading for the first checkpoint. We've got all our luggage in the car and have to be on a plane that leaves from an airport an hour away (having figured out how to drop the rental at an AFB halfway there) two hours after the rally finishes.

Thanks to some kind assistance from the SCCA folks up there we made our flight just in time :cheers:

We won the novice class and placed 2nd over all despite having to buy the maximum amount of time in order to "clean infant vomit from car seat, rental car, and infant", which we were told was unprecedented. If more families went with their kids I believe there would be more vomiting-child incidents :puke:

Road rally is awesome and I should look to see what's happening near me this winter 8)

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