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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 11:42 am 

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Ok, this has been a while coming, just been really busy.

I bought a cam for my MK1 3 Cyl 1.0 of Supafly top get some more top end for my sprint.

My mods were the underdrive and a 2" Exhaust.


The cam was a bit of a PITA to install but with help from the Haynes special and a impact driver things went "smoothly".

You have to take off the timing belt for the install, which errr, means taking off the crank pulley and water pump pulley etc etc... Which really add to the PITA factor since you have to remove the distributor, fuel pump, cam shaft sprocket, rocker arm shafts, and rocker arms already. (Disregarding the 8 philips screws that require the use of a impact driver to remove).

So being as it was, I set the crank for TDC on Cyl 1 and decided to remove the belt by hand off the cam shaft sprocket (by removing the top bolts for the timing cover only and opening it enough to work on). I slid the belt off and marked where it was with a marker.

With the belt off a squeezed in a ratchet and placed it over the cam shaft nut (17mm I believe) and used a punch pin to hold the cam in place while I reefed on the nut. It took a bit of bloody knuckle juice but it came off.

With the sprocket off and the rocker arms+shafts removed, as well as the fuel pump and distributor off the cam slides right out, to your right.

Eyeing up the two cams, you wouldnt be able to see much of a difference, as in the increase in duration has to do with changing the position the rocker arms sit on the lobe, and by machining the underside of the lobe you can do just that, increase duration and lift.

Anyways, I slid the new cam in and away we go, installed and adjusted the lash adjusters etc etc.


You need a feeler gauge for the lash adjusters, and I found out you would rahter be too loose then to tight with this cam.

Too tight means that you will have insane top end, NO bottom end, and it wont idle. Too loose means it knocks like a bastard and it runs like stock.

When you get it just right .20 mm on intake and .25 on exhaust, (I adjusted with the engine hot), it lopes on the idle and is a very NICE cam profile, good mid, good top end etc etc.


I adjusted the timing up to 16 degrees, switched to premium and moved from a 12.9 sec 0-60 to an 11.2 sec 0-60. Woohoo.

Anyways all in all its a good cam, you get a cool lope, my mileage was VIRTUALLY unaffected. I still get over 500km's a tank, but now I can take 2nd to 70 km/hour and 3rd to 100 km/h and it pull nicely the whole way.

Ohh and top speed.... old powerband started at 120 km/h in 5th gear, as in if I was doing 120 km/h and hit a hill I wouldn't slow down, if I was doing 115 km/h I would slow down. This gave me a top speed of somewhere around 145 km/h.

With the new cam, powerband starts at 140 km/h in 5th gear... (You take 4th to 140 km/h) and I got it up to over 160 km/h. Yes. The needle was completely buried.

Now I want a HEADER and a FLYWHEEL! :)


There is no replacement for displacement... is an irrelevant statement at 7500RPM and 21 PSI.

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 12:45 pm 
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awesome dude, i have his cam on my 16 valve sohc

i have insane top end, but hardly any bottom end, maybe thats my problem, i have the lash too tight or something, hmm very interesting

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 4:35 pm 
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I really like that 226/395 cam you have in your Mk1. Its the same cam Kris will be using, and the one that I have in my own mk1 car, too. It really is a nice balance between power, economy, and daily-driver manners. I've sold a bunch of these cams to 1.3 SOHC guys in Europe, and they really like them.
Tim, if I recall, the instructions I sent you indicated that because of the intake rocker/follower design, it was very 'lash sensitive'. Because of this, if you experienced poor bottom end power, or an idle too rough, you should have backed off the lash on the intake side, about .001"-.002"(extra) at a time. The adjustment being made at the cam lobe/follower pad, not on the valve.

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