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 Post subject: motor mount help!
PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:08 am 

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Have a 99 1.0l, 5-speed hatch. Having an issue with the passenger side driveshaft pulling out. As I can pull it out of the transmission by hand just by jiggling it a little I'm guessing there is a problem with the snap ring that's supposed to hold the axle in. Anyway I'd like to replace all 3 motor mounts while I'm working on the car so I can both rule that out as a cause.

Problem is I can only find listings for 2 mounts. Anchor brand, Front - 8517 and Rear - 8277. Pretty sure the car has 3 mounts one on each side of the engine/trans, and one in the rear. Does anybody make the 3rd mount? Anybody replace all 3? Part numbers?

 Post subject: Re: motor mount help!
PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:28 pm 

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Having recently dealt with motor mount issues on an identical car/engine combo I can say the following:

The mount that is not listed may be the same as the other front engine mount. But I cannot verify this since all of my spare engine mounts are stored a hundred miles away.

But I recently did the following:

I got used mounts that appeared to be in OK condition from a local pull-a-part. They were cheap. I filled them using 3M Window Weld as per the many posts on this forum dealing with filled engine mounts. I did a rather conservative job on all three mounts, leaving a little bit of space for flex. In the end, the mounts came out almost entirely filled, despite the care I took not to overdo it.

The results are:

The mounts are stable as all get out. The drive train now goes in the same direction as the car chassis at all times. Even handling is more precise. The only down side, and it's a small one, is that hot idle may cause a few rattles inside the car. At any rpm other than an 800 rpm hot idle the car is smooth and I cannot tell that the mounts have been filled other than the fact that there is now NO drivetrain slack and the engine and transaxle do not bounce all over the place when I hit bumps like railroad tracks. Shifting is more positive. Your feel of the road is enhanced, but noise and comfort are not compromised to any large degree. This assumes that your car is otherwise tight and sound, and that the engine is in good tune.

Now, your problem with the half-shaft disengaging could be caused by other things than motor mounts. I would say that if the circlip were faulty, the shaft would remain in the transaxle anyway. I doubt that the circlip keeps the shaft from falling out when all of the other factors are satisfactory, like engine mounts being in good enough condition to keep the powertrain in proper position under all conditions.

This been said, I would recommend that you do the same as I did, get spare used mounts and a tube of 3M Window Weld. It may take a couple of days for the stuff to cure. Then R&R all the mounts and see what happens.

Read all posts on filling engine mounts before you begin the project.

And double check to see that your strut and ball joint connections are in good shape.

Good luck.

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