DIY fuel computer, build and results.
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Author:  nemoskull [ Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  DIY fuel computer, build and results.

okay, so i went with a DIY computer on my 86 sprint. stock carb, missing the throttle switches and the choke (dont ask about the choke. im a dumbass. :oops: )

right now im using the throttle switch from a 90 geo, idle, cruise and WOT. idle position is larger than the stock idle switch.
currently running an Arduino pro mini, with a TIP 120 on the MCS, and a 7805 regulator. using an El Cheapo wideband o2 feeding into the arduino. i also have a tach input, but its not tested or used. keep in mind i go super rich comming off idle. it takes a 10 seconds or so at idle to get back to 15-16.

the next version of the computer will use wbo2, mcs, fcs, idle solinoid, and a real throttle position sensor.

MPG before rebuild with all stock carb, minus 3 way vaccum switch for the smog equipment:
35-40 in town.
37 freeway (80 mph)

current AF ratio:
idle: 15-16
cruise (sub 2500): 13.5-14.5
cruise (above 2500): 14-14.5
WOT (sub 2500): 10-11
WOT (2500 - 4000): 12-12.5
WOT 4000 - 6000): 12.5- 13.2

im starting this thread to keep a record of what ive been doing, the stock computer is the weak link in the mk1. the computer is build like a tank, but its still likely the first thing to go that can not be replaced.

Edit, current mpg in town is 32.

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