Hitachi Carburetor Gasket Thickness? '88 Swift 1.3l G13A
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Author:  weallknownada [ Tue May 03, 2016 6:37 am ]
Post subject:  Hitachi Carburetor Gasket Thickness? '88 Swift 1.3l G13A

Hey TeamSwift! finally, i'm getting ready to pull the carb for a Fuel Mixture Control Solenoid (MCS). I believe it is a Hitachi carburetor on the '88 Swift 1.3l G13A i have here on the very West Coast of Sweden. I purchased some 'packing paper' gasket paper with the specs of 0.8x240x580mm. Is this the right thickness for the carburetor gaskets? The only other option at the store nearby is 0.4mm dothick... Also do y'all think it is big enough in area or should i have purchased more? Thanks for reading! :v)

PS if anybody has a source for an MCS i would LOVE to support a member on the forum if they are interested in selling. Otherwise i am considering purchasing an MC online and doing a jet swap and possibly a carb. surface grind-down to fit the plug depth like TeamSwift member mkc1962 details in another of his awesome posts (!

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