DIY fuel computer Mk II
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Author:  nemoskull [ Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  DIY fuel computer Mk II

so the origonal computer i built bit the dust. (i shorted it out! doh!).
the best i got was 37 mpg, not bad considering best was 40 at 0 elevation, 37 at 6500 seems not bad.
but, the 7805 knock off was only putting out 4.75 volts. all in all i used the cheapest parts so i know what fails when.

the Mk I computer controlled only the MCS, this one will control MCS, fuel cut, and bowl vent. hopefully this will solve my rich decellerating problem.

only 4 inputs, head temp, TPS (no more switches) WBO2, and Tach. the tach signal is all messed up but i think i can work with it. its mostly noisy at 2-3k, anything above or below that is good.
if i can get my MAP sensor working, then ill use that and tach to create a MCS table, otherwise im using tach and TPS.

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