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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:23 pm 

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So picked this one up in Arizona after finding on craigslist. Paid $1700. Motor has new rebuild says the old guy whom was selling. He owned it for 16 years. Few rear plastic pieces were dry rotted. Some other front seats than stock. Overall not too bad.

So drove it home. Found numerous rotted vac lines, the maf was sitting facing downward which I think was causing the air to fight the flapper door a bit. Plug wires were shit.

So just ordered new cap/rotor/plugs/wires and running new fuel lines, vac lines, coolant and heater core lines. Just freshening up all the rubber. Deleting the egr stuff and simplifying the engine bay a bit. This car has a/c. Was going to be taking it off complete if anyone could use it.

So project so far
Replace rubber stuff in engine bay
Clean and remove unneeded stuff
Find good stock seats or put in some red racing seats
Front mount ic down below in the opening. 2" piping
Lighten up what I can
Kinda dig the hubcaps so may repaint and put wheel spacers on to remain flush but light and fun. Unless I score a deal on some rad 13" setup

Is there a simple plan for more power? Toss some bigger injectors in there and a mbc for more boost while watching on a wideband for Safety?

Can't wait to get these parts installed.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:53 pm 
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The stock setup is actually pretty good. At this point I see no reason to add a FMIC and
upgrade the piping, it's not going to make any difference with the tiny turbo, in fact
it will probably hurt will really increase the lag and you're going to
have to butcher up your bumper.

Put that money towards the exhaust and go 2-1/4" from the donut all the way back.
Or for the same amount of cash as a FMIC, you could install a basic Cooling Mist
setup/Alcohol injection activated by a pressure switch and a cabin mounted on/off
to have it active only when needed.

Why remove EGR? Bet it's plugged up with carbon anyway and non-functioning anyway.
Check it out, with the turbo it's going to reduce cyl. temps anyway which is a good thing.
If that's your car in the pic, it looks pretty good. These cars are getting rarer to find,
especially complete. And let me get this right, you live in Los Vegas and you want
to remove a completely intact AC system? Is it not working?
Start deleting OE shit and the car is just another hack job.
Unless you have big plans for major upgrades and massive power, bigger turbo &
custom header you might rethink and just remove the AC belt and if you're trying to
save weight, get one of those 13lb batteries, that's good for around 40lbs of weight

And it's not as simple as adding larger injectors and an MBC, but you're on the right track.
You can get a little more pep with a MBC and factory injectors should keep up for the
most part, you'll have issues with the fuel cut at anything above around 10psi.
Then you have to find the work arounds.

Nice score, put up some more pics dude.

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