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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 11:40 am 
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Ok I have been on a jihad of late against Ethanol.

I am 100% certain it is ruining our fuel economy on older cars (Pre 2004-2005)

I am damned near certain its wrecking parts in our cars (fuel pumps) and probably harming our engines and other components as a result of them running like crap on the stuff.

My problem is not with ethanol. My problem is with FORCING me to use ethanol in my Gasoline powered car not designed for ethanol. IE preventing gas stations from selling E0 all together.

I finally found some E0 up in Moyerstown. They tell me Pennsylvania is planning to BAN all sale of E0 come September.

I brought home so far 60 gallons of E0 on my mouse's new tail (adorable little trailer I got for my 94 xfi metro)

SO what I have been doing is ABA testing switching between Ethanol tainted gas E10 (actually about E8 from wawa) and E0 that I bring home from Moyerstown.

So far in very much NON ideal driving condition for the E0 (census work lots of stop and go)

I get 46mpg on E10 and 54-55 mpg on E0 with room for improvement.

I have 40 tanks of gas that shows I have never been able to exceed 48mpg on E10 except to slow down to insane slow speeds (45 in a 55) on the way to work at which point I can JUST squeeze 49-50mpg out of it with EOC and EOI at all times)

On winter Blend E10 I max at 45mpg

When I "WASH" the gas to remove the ethanol from it I jump to 51-53+mpg

On pure E0 I am scoring 55mpg with room for improvement.

you can check out my ecomodder data to see the massive swings as I switch between fuels.

I have enough E0 left to go 2 maybe 3 more runs on E0 then I go back to E10 again (it will be summer blend now) and see the difference.

as it current stands I can go 480 miles on 10 gallons of E10

IF I REMOVE the gallon of ethanol from this mix and throw it away as a LOSS and just put the 9 remaining gallons into the metro I can go 495+ miles

ON A GALLON LESS 480 miles on 10 gallons of E10 495+ miles on 9 gallons of E0

Do the math. Something is really wrong here. I would be better of buying 10 gallons of E0 spilling a gallon of it down the toilet and using the remaining 9 gallons than if I were to use a whole 10 gallons of E10

What I need is help from you folks to collect more data. Solid data. I plan to test for another month or 2 and then open up a can of woop ass on Harrisburg and then Washington if need be.

I need people who drive normal consistant regular routes weekly preferably a lot of miles.

I need people who do NOT fill up until they have gone at least 300 miles the further the better.

I need people with pre 2004 cars (some post 2004 would be handy too maybe we can find the cut off point)

Run 3 tanks of E10 then run 3 tanks of E0 Then 3 tanks of E10

when you run the third tank in each set you need to REALLY run it as close to empty as possible to get as much of the "other" fuel out of the system as possible.

IF YOU CAN NOT GET E0 Here is how you MAKE E0 but be warned I have no idea if this will harm your car or not. It has not harmed mine that I am aware of but You are warned.

get a gallon jug. put 2 cups of water in it. (for some fine use a sharpie and MARK the water line)

now fill the jug with gasoline. close and shake like mad. Let it settle for 5 minutes. Shake like mad again. Let it settle for 10 minutes. Notice the "water line" is higher now?

you just caused phase separation IE the ethanol has LEFT the gasoline and JOINED the water.

the liquid on the bottom is Water/Ethanol the liquid on top if gasoline sans ethanol.

I would suggest using MID grade or PREMIUM gasoline since ethanol is an OCTANE booster. SO if you take a gallon of 87 regular E10 and remove the ethanol you will end up with .9gallons of 84octane regular. If you know your car handles 84 octane no problem your fine but be warned :-)

I prefer to fill my car to the very top. Fill it till it spills and does not go back down. Then you know your 100% full and can get accurate data. This is especially important if your washing your own gas since you won't be using a PUMP but pouring gas in via a funnel so you will never know where a "pump" would have stopped.

if you fill till it spills with washed but NOT with E10 the E10 gets a boost since your adding MORE E0 than you would if you were adding E10 ie the numbers won't be accurate.

If you have access to pump E0 then just fill like you normally do.

I REALLY need your guys help in collecting this data.

THere is nothing on it right now but I got a domain name to start recording this data with.

Hopefully I will get more online this week.

PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 5:26 am 

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not sure if you guys have shell down where you are and what grades you have, up here we have shell 91octane and it is 0 ethenol

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PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 8:42 am 
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Joined: Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:18 pm
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Location: Levittown PA USA
actually it has nothing to do with "brand" so much as "state law"

PA and NJ mandated Ethanol usage. Some area's have lighter EPA requirements (lighter population) so some stations can sell E0 (the state is working on banning this as well)

but if your near a metro area in PA forget it and no place I have found yet has E0 in NJ even marina's only sell E10 which is extremely destructive to older boats.

Some states have NO E10.

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