Fuel milaage
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Author:  fainya [ Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Fuel milaage

To greenmachine:

97 Geo Metro 1.3L Automatic, A/C, all stock, over 175,000.
Your question on getting great fuel mileage has alot of answers. I will list what I can remember.
1- Use synthetic lubrication where ever possible. I was using Moble1 engine oil but recently changed to ester oil. The cost is about double of Moble1 but the mileage improvement is worth it. Also engine is less noisy after 2nd oil change. I am using quaker state synthetic ATF, when I did the trans service about 20,000 miles ago and have been extremely pleased with it. Moble1 makes different types of grease and 2 years ago when I changed out all of the wheel bearings I found some high temp grease that has worked quite well.

2- Fuel.. I get my best mileage on shell gas. For around town driving I use cheap regular. For long trips I use Premium grade fuel. Here is the kicker.....For long trips with premium fuel I kick the initial timing up from 6 degrees to 10-12 degrees. Last trip to Florida from Texas, with the A/C on, I got 40 to 45 mpg at 68 miles/hour. This was a 2,000 mile round trip. I have another post showing the timing marks I made on the distributor base. So no timing light is needed to make the change.

3- RPM; After doing extensive research on the computer in the geo I found that under 4,000 rpm the egr, map, and O2 sensor, are in play and controling fuel mixture. Over 4,000 rpm the computer goes to a fix rate fuel mixture, and does not respond to the O2, map, egr sensors. So I keep my RPM just under 4.000 for better mileage.

4-SuspensionSpend the money and get a good 4 wheel alignment. I also didn't like the wear I was getting on the tires, so I bought a set of camber excentric bolts for both front and rear suspension and had them installed when they did the alignment. I had them set the camber to negative. 20,000 on this set of tires without adverse wear. The car handles much, MUCH better also.

5-Tires and pressure I am running Discount tires, for the road hazard mostly. Size is 155-80/13. Got to keep them rotated every 5,000. As for tire pressures, For in town I run the pressures at Front 40psi, rear 32psi. For long trips I run Front 45psi, rear 35psi. I will up the rear pressure if I add over 200lbs of weight in the back of the car.

6- maintenance We ask for a lot out of these small engines. It is extremely important to keep up on fuel filters, air filters, spark plugs, etc. I change my air filter out every other oil change. Don't over tighten the belts. An over tightened timing belt will kill your mileage and burn up a front cam seal. These are aluminum motors and from cold to hot the dimensions between the pulleys will grow. A/C idler bearings are cheap but a worn one will eat at your mileage. Also your A/C will work just as well with only 1 pound of freon in it, and it will be less strain on the engine.

All of these little things have contributed to getting better gas mileage. It takes years sometimes to get it all done. But you will have a car that is reliable and worry free for long trips.

Author:  fainya [ Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuel milaage

To Phil N Ed,

I was gifted with 5 cases of Nisson 5/30 weight ester oil from a friend that works at one of the Nisson dealerships. There was a trade involved and I think I came out on top on this one.
The thing I like about ester oil is that it clings to the metal parts, where moble 1 does not as much as ester oil.

A side note: I have changed the oil in my expensive metal lathe. I have replaced the head stock oil with the Nisson ester oil. First impresssions, the head runs alot quieter and the running temperature has drop 15 degrees. ( measured at 4 hours of continuous run time).

Nissan Ester Oil P/N 999MP-5W30EP

Author:  jimfaster [ Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuel milaage

Keeping tires inflated, remove all unnecessary to remove the weight racks Cross lanes, and drive like a little baby.
:P :-P :roll: :wink: :mrgreen: :blackeye:

Author:  greenmachine [ Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuel milaage

Fainya does your car have a overdrive in it, friend at work has a 97 with the 1.3 and does not have the overdrive, he is getting around 32 mpg. We got some work to do on his for sure.

Author:  fainya [ Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuel milaage

It has been awhile since I have posted to this thread.
I went blind last year with Cataracts and was not able to get the surgery done unit February of this year.
The biggest change to the car is selling the automatic and intalling a 5spd standard.

So today I took the first long highway trip with the car.
97 Geo Metro LSI 1.3L 4cyl 8 valve roller cam shaft mobel-1 5w30.(with 175,000 on it)
5speed 3.79 final drive, 0.75 5th gear mobel-1 75/90 gear oil.
155/80-13R tires at 38psi front, 34psi rear.
Fuel midgrade premium timing 10BTDC.

198 mile trip at 65mph with the A/C running the entire trip on 4.6 gallons of fuel. = 43mpg
Not bad for an all stock car that needs a paint job really badly.

A quick list of original mileage with the automatic verses the 5 speed.

Town: 29mpg auto to 36mpg 5spd
Highway with A/C running: 35mpg auto to 43mpg 5spd
Highway no A/C: 40 mpg auto to 46mpg 5spd

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