After getting pm's here is whats to do 2 get mpg back(rick)
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Author:  glacierburst [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  After getting pm's here is whats to do 2 get mpg back(rick)

After getting your PM Rick. I'd list what I did to go from 36mpg back up to 50mpg before I went back to work. Well Rick here you go.

#1 carb make sure your FMS is working by using a Dwell Meter or by using info listed here ... %20Manual/
Dont dwell on the dwell lol. If you set your dwell to factory setting you'll be good to go. If you set it to high" The o2 sensor will just tell FMS for more fuel. So It will not do you any good to set it really lean,,, Here is info on DWELL. ... ll#p394673

#2 Is your float in carb in sight glass? Is your carb in good working order? here is a link by a member here that knows these carbs! (PhilnEd).

#3 Is your car in time? In is it idling at the factory RPM? Best source for this info is here at this site. Or go down to local auto parts store and get you a service manual on your car. Autozone has sprint/metro repair manuals. Also eBay is a good source to get some great repair manuals for your 88 metro/sprint.

#4 Good tune up plug/wires/cap/rotor/PCV/(o2 sensor),,,,<-----you can test it. I like to set my plugs around 35. ------> Compression check. That will tell you how health your engine is. In its very simple to do. In your PM you said that you were good on that right? Was it above 180 on each cylinder?

#5 Check that EGR valve (clean it up) < It can really make a big difference in your car. Replace and rout all vacuum hoses correctly. You said you had a high NOX reading.......I'd check that EGR...Test that o2 Sensor.... Cat? <---How old is it.

#6 properly inflated tires in get your self a four wheel aliment. <saves gas and tires.

Well there ya go Rick, That will keep you busy for a week or 2. there are some Very bright people on this site that really like to help. Just make sure your honest!!, If you do everything listed above correctly, you will pass in get great Gas Mileage out of your sprint . It got 50 mpg before, it should again. Good luck on your SMOG test.

Author:  glacierburst [ Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: After getting pm's here is whats to do 2 get mpg back(ri

Yes I have my own copy's. I bought them from eBay. There not to hard to find. Also there are scan of L-3 fuel and emission in link I provided above post. Also make sure to search first before posting. As of now, I Don't have time to scan all info you asked for. Also please post here. I dont mind PM'S. Its just Others may want to read. Thanks..() In others here are allot more skilled on this cars then I. I just used info that they already posted. This is no way all from my research. (I had allot of help). Keep use posted on progress. My bad on the misspelling of your name...

File comment: GM service training L-3 engine
120404-160054.jpg [86.69 KIB]
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File comment: L-3 GM service training Fuel and Emission controls
120404-160112.jpg [89.06 KIB]
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File comment: Haynes repair Manual.
120404-160126.jpg [88.96 KIB]
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File comment: Chiltons repair manual
120404-160136.jpg [79.03 KIB]
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