GTi Index <-- look here first!
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Author:  m [ Fri Mar 12, 2004 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  GTi Index <-- look here first!

Here's some more FAQ links...


Lessons Learned From MSD Install

Using Larger (Nissan) Throttle Bodies

Guide to fit a SR20 Throttle body

Injectors/Fuel Rails, flow and control

How to install oil cooler

Apexi wiring FAQ

The right tool for the job...

As usual I'll be looking for more to add to this list.

Author:  Lihtan [ Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:55 am ]
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Swift GTi common maintenance/troubleshooting PDF/JPEG files:

Distributor oil leak/ O ring:

Speedo cable gear oil leak:

Timing Belt:

dohc cam gear question .. cam advance w/ stock pulleys ?
Suzuki Timing Belt Guide (PDF file) credit to Knuckles for providing this file

Stripping and cleaning lifters
Diagnosing good and bad lifters

Throttle body:
Nissan 55mm TB custom idle switch + brand new TPS find
using larger (nissan) throttle bodies

MAF: (mechanical)
Cleaning the MAF (mass airflow sensor)
60 mm TB and 60 mm MAF
bored afm

Full vehicle wiring diagrams:
1989 M/T (TIFF)
1990 M/T Canadian market (PDF)
1991 A/T Canadian market (PDF)

General Electrical Index (wiring, starter, lighting)
Factory Service Manual Electrical Section (harness routing, grounding points)
Fuse block diagram
Fuse block wire colors
Ignition switch continuity table
Combo switch and light dimmer
Wiper wiring schematic
Wiper switch continuity table
Chassis ground points
Battery drain/doorswitch

ECU diagnostic codes (PDF file)
ECU connection diagram (Swift GTi)
Code 21, Code 22: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) diagnostic
TPS calibration diagram
TPS and idle speed adjustment
surging - TPS adjust--FAQ
Code 24: Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
Code 33, Code 34: Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor diagnostic
How to adjust base timing & the IAC
foreign market air/fuel ratio trim knob and ECU differences to support it
Differences between MK2 & MK3 ECUs

ECU chip installation:

FI fuse / ECU blowing:

MK2/MK3 Suzuki Swift FSM - Section 7A Manual Transmission
alternate tranny (gear ratios)

Vehicle Dimensions:
mk1 & mk2/3 vehicle dimensions
Chassis alignment measurements diagrams

Re-oiling shocks:

Wheel Studs:

Torque Specs:
steering / suspension

Oil Filter / Oil Cooler:
Remote Oil Filter and Cooler
oil cooler tips

Identifying a motor by it's intake manifold
The difference an 'i' makes

File comment: ECU codes for MK2/MK3 Swift GTis
codes.pdf [113.23 KIB]
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