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PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:02 pm 

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Hey guys, new member here and first post so bare with me. I have a '91 1.0l sprint and recently replaced the head gasket. I have came across a few things online that make me think the timing belt maybe be 1 tooth off and was wondering if anyone can confirm my suspicions. Starting with this diagram I found on AllData...


This shows the timing mark on the crank pointing straight up at a mark on the block that I was not aware of at the time when I did the head gasket. I set #1 cyl to TDC before removing the old belt and when the timing mark on the cam sprocket was lined up with the mark on the valve cover the tab on the crankshaft that fits into the notch in the pulley was pointing halfway between the tentioner locking bolt/stud and the spring retaining screw. The arrow in this picture is where the tab on the crank was pointing when I removed the t-belt.


The head came off without a hitch and once I had cleaned everything up and threw a new gasket down I reinstalled the head. Not thinking that perhaps the belt may have been installed wrong the last time the head was off I simply installed the new one the same as when I had taken the old one off. Another thing that leads me to believe that I may be out a tooth is that in order for it to run even remotely smooth the distributor has to be advanced (towards the firewall) all the way. As shown in the picture below.


Is this normal or do you believe that my inkling is correct and the timing is out by a tooth? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh and also the bunk gasket I took off did not have the holes cut out for some of the passages into the block. I've read online this is something to check for and was curious if this could have damaged anything? Thanks!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:33 am 

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sounds like its off by a tooth. lower crank gear has a tiny dot on it, that dot lines up with the arrow or pointer on the oil pump (behind the crank gear).
just use spring tension to tighten the belt, then push on the tensioner just a hair more before tightening the lock nut. doesn't hurt to install a new water pump and tensioner wheel while you are in there, but those two items aren't always necessary.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:50 pm 
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In the second pic it showed the timing mark lined up perfectly. But you didn't take a pic of the tip mark. What I have always done is after I install the new belt I give the engine 2 full rotations and reline the lower mark and then check and make sure the upper mark is still spot on. Before I put the cover back on. If its off I Pull it apart and fix it and turn it over again 2 full turns. And just turn it by hand on the crank bolt. Removing the plugs makes it a lot easier. If both marks are lined up perfectly you have another problem.

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