THE M3 LIVES!! Putting obd1 engine in obd2 car!?
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Author:  Ifightbears [ Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  THE M3 LIVES!! Putting obd1 engine in obd2 car!?

Hi guys. This is my first forum post ever so be gentle. :evil: Now the story is I bought a couple metros(both 1.0 5spd) with the intention of building one and turboing it. After researching this forum vigorously I found a certain Mr M3 on this forum seemed to have completed this project successfully creating a pretty bad arse little metro and ran it consistently for some time. Well l I contacted Mr. M3 and ended up buying said metro and am now looking to put this little turbo beauty in my 97 hatch. Now the turbo metro motor is out of a 93(obd1) and I'm putting it in the 97(obd2) witch was also a 1.0 tbi five speed. I've pulled the motor and pulled the wiring harness and ecm from the 93(only the harness that connects directly from motor to ecm) and noticed that the white 16 pin connector just down the harness from the ecm connectors doesn't match that of the blue connector inside the dash of the 97 where it's ecm connectors go in. My question is can I wire these connectors together and run the motor or do I have to pull all the wires from the 93? Any suggestions or links to posts covering this or wiring diagrams that show me what's what so I could wire everything together would be greatly appreciated. I can read wiring schematics and rewire just about anything. Thanks in advance for the help.

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