1999 geo metro turbo
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Author:  Car8cole [ Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  1999 geo metro turbo

Hi i have a geo metro which is the jelly bean generation with the g10 1L 3 cyl and I see very few of this style turbo charged. I would like to turbo mine but was wondering if I would have to go about some things differently because it's a different gen of geo. Correct me if im wrong but aren't the motors the same from the gen before. My budget would be around $1500 for a turbo set up but the cheaper the better. I have a small saab intercooler i could buy locally, and is there any kind of turbo i could find in a junkyard I could use? Im looking to run 4-5 psi boost max so there car has a little bit more get up and go. I noticed one guy was using pvc piping for the intercooler piping im assuming i could use this on a low boost build like mine. Also I was wondering if there is any where you can buy a pressure hat for the T.B.I? If no where sells them my buddy owns a welding and machine shop to get one made but have no clue on how to make one. For the manifold im probably going to buy a just the flange for the turbo and weld up my own turbo mani. Also I plan on just buying a cheap ebay BOV. Also how well will the stock fuel pump hold up. Is there any ways to feed this thing more fuel and timing without breaking the bank too. I already own a wideband afr gauge i could use too. Thanks

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