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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 2:35 pm 

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How much would you pay for an ECU that was a direct plug 'n play with your factory wiring harness and sensors, loaded with a stock fuel and ignition base map to get you to the dyno, converted your engine from MAF to speed/ density (no more MAF sensor), and offered you COMPLETE control over every parameter of engine operation, including any number of these options....
    Flat shift/ launch.

    Traction control.

    Able to run up to 1000cc injectors.

    Able to run an extra set of injectors.

    Able to run up to 30 PSI of boost.

    Boost limit based on coolant temp.

    IC water spray control.

    Water/ methanol injection control.

    Nitrous control.

    Gear dependent boost limits.

    Integrated turbo timer.

    Theft deterrant four digit security code (without punching this in, the ECU sees no power, even if the key is in the ignition).
This is real. We're in the process of developing this for '90- '95 MR2 turbos and Celica AllTracs, and since I own a Metro (as well as an AllTrac), I'm planning on doing this for my car, and want to see if y'all would like one.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 8:30 pm 
MuE Patient Zero/The Link Man
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Where have i heard this before?

Well, yer welcome to read that post as to what we think it should have, and what we might pay.

n1tr0 wrote:
not the quickest suzuki on the block eh ?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 9:42 pm 
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I saw Mustard post in Forced Induction from main screen... I was worried you put on the turbo... :D

'02 IS300 TT

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 10:41 pm 
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whattheeee wrote:
I saw Mustard post in Forced Induction from main screen... I was worried you put on the turbo... :D

:D :twisted: .....mustard rox

In answer to the original post, in the words of my homeboy Mustard:
" It's all about the benjamins....."

mojojoeyjojo wrote:
I said it before, I say it again. qwall for prez. :yeahyeah


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 12:14 pm 

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I'm still busy with the ECU. Because my first priority was our (dimi and I) turbo projects, the ECU project was on hold (well, it progressed very slowly :)).

Currently our turbo projects are almost finished so I'm very busy again with the ECU. The schematic and PCB are final. I won't change anything anymore. It uses a 2 layer PCB.

Some specs are:
- 4 injector drivers with up to 2 peak/hold injectors per driver or 4 saturated injectors per driver;
- User can define peak and hold current for the drivers;
- Injector driver diagnostics (short, open, erratic, etc);
- Complete error log;
- 2 injection (24x32) and 2 ignition (24x32) maps (can be switched by hardware, load, etc);'
- 4 pwm outputs (16x16 map per output) with various functions (boost control, fan control, nos control, water injection, shift light, etc;
- 3 ignition outputs which can be used with smart devices (like msd) or dumb devices (like the standard one in the swift);
- 1 aux. analog input;
- 3 aux. digital inputs;
- Gear dependent boost;
- Turbo timer;
- 3D Linear interpolation between map points;
- closed loop mode;
- Wideband lambda input;
- Auto learning function (fueling) with wideband lambda input;
- AFR map (24x32) which can be used for complete closed loop mode with wideband input;
- Standard closed loop mode;
- Lambda heater control;
- Cannister purring control;
- Idle control with solenoid or servo/stepper;
- MAP, MAF or MAF and MAP for load detection;
- limp home mode for various type of sensor errors;
- etc....

I will update my topic soon when I have something more concrete (like a *real* PCB :)).

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2004 6:26 pm 
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What microcontroller does it use?

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