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 Post subject: engine mix and match ???
PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:08 pm 
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i got the stupid idea of mixing these together :

in my 97 swift 1.3 Sohc
98 1.3 16 valves block (to clear the valves on the pistons )
93 1.6 16 valves sohc TBI head (heard that it has more compression than the 1.3 head ) and leave my
97 1.3 TBI ECM (or stick with the 93 ecm )

i was looking an did do a serch on the 1.6 head for the compresion or CC volume ,, no answers or comparaisons to the other heads

Will this be good to do ,, looking for something close to a Gt engine
but going the Sohc tbi way :P
even if this gives me about 10-15hp more ,, and 10-20 ftlbs of torque ,,
hey i'll do it ,,

i've got the pieces ,,just need the info
so i"ll have the only 1.3 16valves sohc TBI :wink:

sorry ,, my english is not prefect , :?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:45 am 

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Unfortunately, I think you're combo is going to end up where you started.
The '98 and later 16valve heads are SOHC and do have a smaller combustion chamber than the DOHC 16valve heads from the earlier GT. I am under the impression that those 1.3L 16valve SOHC heads are the same as the older 1.6L 16valve SOHC heads. If that is so, putting a 16 valve SOHC head on a motor that came w/ such a head(the 98 1.3L 16 valve block you spoke of) will only give you stock compression, which if I recall was somewhere around 9.5:1. However, if you put the SOHC 16 valve head onto a GT block(which were DOHC 1.3L 16 valve), you would end up w/ a compression ratio around 10.6:1, I have been told.
Of course, all of this hinges on the 1.6L 16 valve heads being the same as the SOHC 1.3L 16 valve heads. This would need to be confirmed.
Interstingly what I propose here is what I am doing. GT block with 1.3L SOHC 16valve 1.3L head. I think I may get the deck skimmed a bit to go for 11:1. I will also be getting a better cam and having the combustion chambers coated. ...if budget doesn't run out.

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