G16 crank into G13 block?
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Author:  DeTune [ Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: G16 crank into G13 block?

Components of high revving fully forged 1.6L G16B....Will cost lots of $$$$$$$$ to build but it is possible.

G16B block:-
Two good reasons being (1) Closed Deck, (2) Room for longer rods for better rod ratio.

SuzukiRD Forged 77mm Stroker Crankshaft....


Get a new billet & or forged crankshaft made from scratch with a much shorter storke 77-78mm

Connecting Rods:-
Custom rods will be needed since you've shorten the stroke significantly by atleast 13mm...

Pistons & Bore:-
Bore out old stock sleeve from 1.6L motor & install fresh 81-82mm sleeves for a Honda like from Darton etc...

Custom Main bearing girdle & a billet aluminum sump to further strengthen the bottom end....

This should be able to rev to heaven and produce lots of power without the draw backs of trying to make stock bits work.

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