Weber 32/36 on Swift 1.6 using Toyota Tercel Engine 3E kit
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Author:  SWIFTDOOG [ Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Weber 32/36 on Swift 1.6 using Toyota Tercel Engine 3E kit


After long test and riding (googling), this is the final jetting I got for the G16 with a weber:

Primary air jet: Before: 170, After: 160
Secondary air jet: Before: 160, After: 170

Primary Fuel Jet: Before: 140, After: 155
Secondary Fuel Jet: Before: 140, After; 150

You can advance the timing 1 or 2 degrees and will run better, I have it on 7 degrees.

I can´t remember if I made a post about this, but here it goes, with youtube videos. Also applies for the 2E engine.

The thing is that certain cars share certain things, in my research (like 5 months I spent searching and looking at pictures)

Prior installation: [youtube][/youtube]

And Running: [youtube][/youtube]

The thing is that if your Swift-Metro has that carburetor (the old one, that is actually the same that the Toyota Tercel uses)


Or easier, If your intake manifold has this form, then, the Weber Kit for the Toyota Tercel is an exact match


One thing that I have come with a little trouble is pcv valves, apparently they don´t sell the appropiate model for my car (even though they look correct), some may pass too much vacuum, other don´t, I am still awating for 2 FRAM that I bought recently on amazon, I hope these ones last longer. As I was saying, the car idles good, but the mixture screw goes 2 1/2 turns, withouth the pcv drawing vacuum (plugged), the screw goes 1 1/2 turns (since a new kit for the jets is out of the question until next year due to economy restrictions) I am inclined to think that the pcv is not the right one, or maybe I should connect it only to the valve cover instead of the Y connection between the air cleaner and the valve cover.

Also, since these are plastic pcv, they tend to die with heat (pretty hot place I live here), and they last less than a year, someone said that I could use a metalic pcv, but that I would need to find the right size for it and modify the place where is going to be installed.

Let the chat begging then  :D

Author:  BPires [ Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weber 32/36 on Swift 1.6 using Toyota Tercel Engine 3E k

My carburetor is just like the one on that diagram. Can anyone tell me what other cars use that same carburetor?
It was really nice to find a rebuild kit for my carburetor or a new one.

My engine idles at 1600 rpm... to much air going in


Author:  SWIFTDOOG [ Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weber 32/36 on Swift 1.6 using Toyota Tercel Engine 3E k

The cars:





Also, the Toyota Starlet that is from 1998 I think, the hatckback model also uses that same carburetor, you can find the kits on ebay, but do a search for Toyota Tercel, since the Swift, nor Toyota went to the US with those carbs.

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