Lowest gearing on a budget for off road
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Author:  Joyner [ Mon May 29, 2017 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Lowest gearing on a budget for off road

Update: I replaced the transmission with a junkyard one that shifted better over the winter. PIA job in the buggy as you have to pull the motor, no lifting the tranny in place from below. Studded a old set of tires so ice traction was awesome. Almost to good, you can't get sideways anymore unless your in the snow.

The bad news: Some friends were riding it and the oil line for the remote filter came off, They are idiots and didn't notice and locked the engine up. I share some blame as the screw type clamps came off before I just replaced them instead of a better clamp. I'm using two ear style clamps per nipple now. Really a shame that G10 ran and sound great. Just put in a replacement 99 G10 from the junkyard and it's not running right. :huh:

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