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 Post subject: Front Bumper Cover Q?
PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:58 pm 

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Probably the wrong section, but here goes.

I cleaned up most of the rust in the trunk and around the taillights. It was actually pretty good so I decided to fix the visible stuff and leave the rest.

Around the front I wanted to check under the fenders, since the rockers and floor are toast. After breaking most of the 10mm bolts I could locate, I am down to the crunch.

How the devil does the bumper cover fasten at the front fender. I have the top and front bolts off, as well as the little bars on the bottom. The last snag is the little plate (clip?) at the fender itself. I can't see anything in there, aside from rust.

Do I need to remove the 2 fenders and bumper cover as a group? Or am I missing a bolt?

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 3:44 pm 
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There is a single nut on each side below the sidelight assembly - you have to pop the inner fender liner and go in from the back - I think it's a 10mm, might be a 12.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:11 pm 
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You have to take the entire front bumper off. I just did it yesterday to another car I'm working on, so here what you do:

• loosen lugnuts on front wheels
• jack up front of car, and place on jack stands
• remove front wheels
• disconnect metal braces that support the bottom of the bumper near the wheel wells. (10mm bolts)
• remove screws and push clips that hold the fender liner in place (the plastic slide clips that link the bumper to the quarter panel can be left in place)
• remove 10mm nut that links the quarter panel to the bumper cover (it's inside the fender, right below the corner light)
• remove bolts securing the upper part of the grill to the rad support (10mm x2)
• remove turn signal markers, and disconnect from harness (Phillips screws x4)
• using a 12mm socket with an extension, reach through the turn signal cavity and remove the bumper mounting bolts (12mm x2)
• using a 12mm wrench remove the bumper mounting nuts that are behind the bumper (12mm x2)
• at this point you should be able to slide the bumper off the front of the car

If you want the quarter panels off, do this:
• open the door all the way and remove the 10mm bolt that's at the base of the A pillar (10mm x2)
• inside the fender, remove the 10mm bolt that's between the hinges (10mm x2)
• if you have a GTi or T3, remove the half dozen or so screws securing the front half of the side skirts to the chassis (numerous Phillips screws, mostly rusty)
• on the bottom of the car remove the 10mm bolt at the bottom of the quarter panel (10mm x2, these are usually badly rusted)
• in the engine bay remove the 10mm bolts along the hood gap (10mm x8 )
• remove the screws for the corner markers, and pull the marker lamp out of the way (Phillips screws x4)
• at this point, the quarter panels should just lift off the vehicle

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:32 pm 
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I'm going to be swapping bumpers on my cars within the next couple days, thats going to help alot in finding those damn hidden bolts. Thanks!

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